Trauma Training Seminars & Professional Consultation




September 19-20, 2019
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

BRAIN, MIND AND BODY: Trauma, Neurobiology and The Healing Relationship
with Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD


Due to a scheduling conflict this conference is moved  to September 19 & 20,2019


This workshop will discuss assessment and treatment challenges frequently encountered in trauma assessment and treatment from a     clinical and neurobiological perspective.

Practical strategies on how to deal with these difficulties will be outlined throughout the seminar through clinical case examples and role    plays.

Integrative therapeutic interventions aimed at restoring the self through resolution of key symptoms and barriers to treatment (barriers to breathing and grounding skills, disembodiment, emotional detachment, self-mutilation, shame, positive emotion intolerance and related lack of self-compassion, self-fragmentation, freezing/tonic immobility) will be described and demonstrated through role plays.

Moreover, treatment approaches focusing on re-establishing interpersonal functioning and preventing the inter-generational transmission of trauma will be reviewed.

Finally, effective means of preventing vicarious traumatization in therapists will be identified.

Trauma Training Seminars and Professional Consultation is a wonderful forum to present and share ideas. Very well organized. Participants were highly engaged. I appreciated how Trauma Training Seminars took care of all my needs. Prince Edward Island is a beautiful destination to host a conference. I would definitely come back.
- Dr. John Briere, Presenter 2012, The Pain Paradox

This was an amazing conference. The best I have been to in years.
- Participant

Excellent professional conference overall. Very relevant to my current practice.
- Participant

Very good. This can be applied directly to my work with clients.
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I would love to attend another Trauma Training Seminar. Do more.
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